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Nestled in the heart of 21 Pulteney Street, Adelaide, SA, Australia, Mansions invites you to a world of enticing flavors. With a 2.9 rating and 22 glowing reviews, our menu offers a array of dishes that promise a sensory feast. When you want to appease your gut, all you need to do is dial +61882233232, and Mansions delivery service will do the rest.



Prof. Cristian Koss
Prof. Cristian Koss

I've been eating at Mansions for years but have never done a review, and I think its about time. It is a pub by day but night club by night. Mansions has an extensive range of the standard pub foods such as steaks. Food is made quickly with little wait time. Honestly you cant go wrong with Mansions, if you're after a quick bite to eat in town, Mansions has got you covered with specials popping up from time to time.

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Do you have any questions? Just call +61882233232. Order your lunch or dinner now at Mansions, quick, easy, online! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared and delivered by the home delivery service of Mansions from Adelaide.


Dr. Marc Mills V
Dr. Marc Mills V

Seafood platter for two ... 2 pieces/fillets crumbed fish, 2 prawn skewers, 2 Moreton Bay Bugs, heaps of calamari on a bed of chips plus salad. We washed it down with a bottle of sav blanc

Lora Murazik
Lora Murazik

The seafood platter was basic but all the items were cooked well and tasty. Would have preferred more salad and tartare sauce. Felt sorry for the one solitary staff that seemed to be bartender. Waiter. Poker room attendant. And all round dogs body but he was very friendly and polite. Food was served quickly and with a smile. Good value for money.

Kiera Schmeler
Kiera Schmeler

Have not been here before but came in and had a great meal with my partner. It's under new management and the service and value is great.The place is clean and modern and our chicken parmy for $15 was tasty and good size.Definitely would come back.Vegas Dave

Reymundo Gerlach
Reymundo Gerlach

This is one of those places in Adelaide that has had a long history. I remember when it was a roaring nightspot back in the late 80s and I used to frequent this place quite regularly. However times have changed a lot and the old bar that I would try to sneak into is no longer. As a restaurant it actually isn't bad. We used to regularly come down here for a Friday lunch, and I must admit that they made a pretty decent schnitzel. However, as a night spot it is pretty empty and quite dull. There are much better places to spend a Friday night.

Elwin Brekke
Elwin Brekke

Big 'Mansions' sign out front. Went in. Apartments. Told to take lift to basement to access restaurant, but must be out by 8pm. It was only 5pm. Exited lift and had a look around. Could find neither staff nor menus. Queue at counter. Patron in queue had menus in hand. Asked where he got them. Just gave them to me with a knowing smile. Had voucher for 2 course meal and bottle of wine. Went to counter and presented voucher. Snatched from me with the words 'red or white'. Presumed it was a wine preference query and said 'red'. Bottle and 2 glasses plunked on counter with the words 'one shared entree to the value of $9 and two mains other than this one or that one. Go sit over there in the voucher area and I'll take your order shortly'. (Methinks 'twas her sister upstairs!)We go to the 'second class patron' section with our bottle. There were three of us. Waitress comes over and sez voucher is only for two and removes all but two wineglasses and sets of cutlery. She then wants to take our order. We order the entree first, but it was one of two $10 entrees and was over our '$9 limit'. She sez that'll cost you a dollar. We say that's fine. We order crispy chips with the steak and dressing on the side for the baramundi. She writes nothing down. We think 'This'll be interesting'.Son goes to another table and retrieves cutlery and wine glass and then goes to counter to order his meal. We pour into our 'wine glasses' which are as thick as drinking from jam jars. (Never seen wine glasses so thick!).Food comes. I ask for tomato sauce to dip chips in. She sez that'll be another dollar. I crack up! I sez can we get a dollar rebate cuz the barramundi was smothered in dressing rather than 'on the side' as ordered? She laughs and walks away. Chips are soggy, too :-(Sharing the entree equals a 1 1/2 course meal and not a 2 course meal. But the salmon bruschetta was excellent, as were the steak and bara. Time to pay our $2 tab. Went to counter where several patrons were queued and waited. Cashier was also bartender and all alone. Had to excuse himself as a drink ingredient had run out and I could see him running out the back and around the corner. No telling how long he'd be or how long he'd take to serve the queued patrons, so I went back to our table to just leave the money.The initially surly waitress popped up behind me and said 'don't worry about it'. Dunno why.Making vouchers available is a marketing strategy to grow a business. Delivering a substandard service coupled with petty restrictions on the voucher is a great way to generate adverse word-of-mouth. We won't be returning. It WAS good for a giggle at the idiocy of the experience, though.

Freddie Runolfsdottir
Freddie Runolfsdottir

We really enjoyed our lunch. Started off with a shared platter of dips, which appeared to be house made not the usual cheap commercial ones usually served. We both chose the sirloin steak from the specials board, and it was cooked beautifully as requested. Only comment is that the steak arrived before we had finished our entree, which was a bit disconcerting. The offer was made to take back to the kitchen to keep warm, but we chose to leave the dips and eat the steak while it was hot.

Helen Miller
Helen Miller

This restaurant looked good from the street, the prices were attractive and as we entered the pub-like restaurant the decor looked bright and fresh. When we went to the bar and asked for light beers we were treated in a derisory manner. The treatment got worse when we asked about the meal specials and were directed to a tv screen in a very perfunctory way. At this point the four of us left and vowed never to return.

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