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Level 2, The Myer Centre, 22 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA, Australia

🛍 Coffee, Chicken, Fish, Cheese, Vegetarian

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Find yourself captivated by the real flavors and vibrant atmosphere of Jamaica Blue in Level 2, The Myer Centre, 22 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA, Australia. Every meal here is an adventure, filled with dishes that are as enjoyable as they are imaginative. The solution to your hunger pangs is a simple dial to +61884103678, and your meal will be delivered fast.



Morris Bayer Sr.
Morris Bayer Sr.

Excellent service, a very great breakfast menu, would recommend coming here for an easy brunch while in the city. Located right on top of the Myer centre to provide an interesting view!

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Do you have any questions? Just call +61884103678. Order your lunch or dinner now at Jamaica Blue, quick, easy, online! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared and delivered by the home delivery service of Jamaica Blue from Adelaide.


Jessica Gusikowski
Jessica Gusikowski

Another good restaurant in Adelaide! I tried this restaurant in Melbourne before but it wasn't this good as in Adelaide. Very good location as well as it's in shopping mall: convenient to go shopping right after.

Mr. Maximillian Johnson
Mr. Maximillian Johnson

Been there many times, very convenient in the Myer center 2nd floor and I enjoyed the cookies, flat white and a piece of cheese cake. All tastes really good, smooth and not too sweat cheesecake. Suggested!

Jensen Gorczany
Jensen Gorczany

Came here for an impromptu breakfast with friends and the friendly staff made it ever more memorable. Their chai lattes and cute cookies are a highlight for any occasion. I would recommend their pancake selection and quiche as it is the most bang for your buck. Their vegetarian breakfast set is also worth tipping my hat to as the pesto is nice with a smooth flavour.

Obie Morissette I
Obie Morissette I

I was here with friends once and had a chicken Caesar burger. It was okay, the bun was a little too tough and eventually I gave up chewing, my jaw was starting to ache. The rest of the burger was spot on though, so I basically ate a salad, and left the buns on the plate. Coffee was good though, there wasn't much service to speak of overall.

Marilou Fritsch
Marilou Fritsch

I've come here several times now for coffee and catch ups with friends, and every time the food has been great and the service superb. Today my friend ordered the chicken and mushroom crepes, which came with a side of salad. The crepes were very soft and melted in your mouth, the only criticism my friend had was that they were perhaps a little bland, though that was easily fixed with some salt and pepper. The espressos at Jamaica Blue are great, a really flavourful extract of coffee. As I mentioned before, the service I've experienced has always been of a high quality - the servers are always so friendly and personable, nothing there to fault. Will definitely recommend as a place for breakfast and coffee!

Prof. Garnett Schuster
Prof. Garnett Schuster

Love their chai lattes. Admittedly, I do like mine sweeter than some, but I think if it's called a latte it shouldn't have the bitterness of a tea. Vegetarian breakfast is more than passable, and they have a decent lunch menu, too. Free magazines are a bonus!

Ludwig O'Reilly III
Ludwig O'Reilly III

Was a nice little place to stop by in for a small dessert after lunch. The apple crumble was nice and warm with a dollop of cream at the side, and just the right sweetness. I was kind of expecting the crumble to be a bit crunchy though, but the dish was still nice regardless. Service was friendly, may stop by another time when it isn't too busy to try out more. Second visit: Went for lunch this time. Ordered the Chicken and Mushroom Crepes, partner ordered Fish and Chips. Also had a white hot chocolate. Unfortunately, the crepes weren't really to my liking - it was OK to eat, but not something I'd eat again. The chicken was a tad dry, the crepes were a bit stodgy, and a bit more salt was needed. For the portion side, it was also pricey for what it was - would expect this to be a more $10-11 dish rather than $14-15, especially since the crepes were already premade. Since I was still hungry, I ended up stealing some fish and chips. Fish was appropriately crunchy - no seasoning added to it, but that is fine given it was accompanied by tartare sauce. Chips were also crunchy, but just a bit too salty(!). White hot chocolate was good, nice and frothy and creamy. If we come back for food in the future, I'd probably stick with dishes that have to be cooked up in the kitchen rather than reheated.

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