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339 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield, New South Wales 2131, Australia

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Welcome to Kreta Ayer Restaurant, a culinary sanctuary tucked within 339 Liverpool Rd, Ashfield, New South Wales 2131, Australia. We offer a fusion of traditional recipes and modern innovation. Our menu brims with delectable dishes that cater to diverse tastes. Dine with us for an unforgettable experience. Indulge in a variety of {tasty, delicious, yummy, appetizing, scrumptious delectable, savory, mouthwatering, palatable, luscious } options at this eatery known for its flavorful cuisine. Dial +6197978688 to order food for delivery and enjoy a satisfying meal at home.



Maurice Becker DDS
Maurice Becker DDS

I work near to this restaurant and had always wanted to try it out. Today I stopped by for some take-away lunch and ordered the fried Singapore noodles with seafood. It cost $12.80 and came with a delightfuly sweet and cold lychee green tea. I asked the waitress to please make my food quickly as I was on a tight schedule and everything came to me in 10minutes. The presentation and taste was lovely and for that price I think it's great value. Most of the resteraunts in Ashfield are Chinese so it's nice to have some spicy Thai-ish flavours for a winter lunch. Will be returning :)P.S If it's possible please set up a local delivery service!

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Do you have any questions? Just call +6197978688. Order your lunch or dinner now at Kreta Ayer Restaurant, quick, easy, online! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared and delivered by the home delivery service of Kreta Ayer Restaurant from Ashfield.


Prof. Terence Rogahn
Prof. Terence Rogahn

Had a nice dinner with friends in this Singoprean cuisine restaurant. Famous chilli crab was a must and corn flakes coated fried chicken was very nice too. The restaurant as full house but not too noisy and every customer was seen to be happy and satisfied in this restaurant. This restaurant in Ashfield accepts bookings which is recommended for weekends and public holidays.

Lucy Stark
Lucy Stark

I found this quite authentic compared with other places. The satay chicken sticks were ok but the char kuey teow and laksa are good quality!

Prof. Leopoldo Collins III
Prof. Leopoldo Collins III

looks can be deceiving. the food is simply awful and dishes we had did not seem authentic. to begin chicken satay. chicken was bitter and chewy peanut sauce was a pale cream colour with little taste of anything and cold. no brocoli available, so we ordered another green veg with oyster sauce. again little flavour and very watery, bearly recognisable. a second choice unavailable so we ordered an old favourite, char kew tiao, which was average nothing fantastic. now the spicy pork ribs. these were extremely dried out with little actual meat, no sauce at all and no flavour. coconut rice not available nor the passionfruit beverage. the prawn dish had only 4 prawns and was priced at $ 30 the creamy sauce with it was delicious. dishes were well presented as i said everything looked beautiful. we left disapointed and hungry

Jackie Carter
Jackie Carter

Its hard to find Singaporean restaurants here in Sydney. Luckily this place opens so me and my partner tried it. Interior was nice and warm. We ordered curry and laksa and I was amazed with the results cuz the taste was very delicious. Serving in large portions that we are too full to finish it. Wasnt pricey at all. We went lunch time so it was not busy. I would definitely come back and have a meal on this place again. Highly recommmended.

Mattie Gottlieb
Mattie Gottlieb

This is a lesser known new branch of the Kingsford restaurant. The name is "water cart" in Malay, based on the famous Singapore chinatown area known as "Goo Cheah Chooi", which means cow-drawn cart water in the Hokkien dialect. The restaurant is newly refurbished from the previous Homer Cafe now done up with red shutters and semi-alfresco area. Most seats are backless benches. Good selection of SE Asian cuisine mainly Malay-Singaporean. Many seafood dishes plus homemade tofu, sambal Moreton bugs (yum), butter prawns etc. Larges servings including Laksa Lamak, Tom yum fried rice nice but only two prawns. Murray cod served in different ways always yummy with good value. Had this with rice porridge- a lot of fish too little porridge. The sweet beancurd soup or Tofu Fa comes in a whole bucket enough for 3. Also durian ice Kachang. Fried Durian ice cream- pastry too soggy and too thin a coating. Prawn Mee soup too dilute (much richer at Albees). Mud crabs look great- not tried yet. They take cash only (go figure!)

Ms. Amelie Schneider III
Ms. Amelie Schneider III

Pretty good Singaporean food here,close to authentic,had the laksa and char keow teow but the satay chicken sticks were just ok.

Miss Kiera Beahan IV
Miss Kiera Beahan IV

Beautiful food and loved the Singapore chilli mud crab couldn't get enoughThe service was fairly fast and the food was to die for.

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