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Goemon Ramen/Rice Bowl

12 Preston Street, Brighton, BN12HN, United Kingdom

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Step into Goemon Ramen/Rice Bowl at 12 Preston Street, Brighton, BN12HN, United Kingdom for an unparalleled dining experience. With our tantalizing menu and a setting that exudes relaxation, you'll be delighted by every moment spent here. Indulge in a variety of {tasty, delicious, yummy, appetizing, scrumptious delectable, savory, mouthwatering, palatable, luscious } options at this eatery known for its flavorful cuisine. Dial +441273241226 to order food for delivery and enjoy a satisfying meal at home.



Samir Champlin
Samir Champlin

Good gourmet delivery pizzaThe dough is super thin and has a nice chew to it.

Full menu 71 options

Do you have any questions? Just call +441273241226. Order your lunch or dinner now at Goemon Ramen/Rice Bowl, quick, easy, online! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared and delivered by the home delivery service of Goemon Ramen/Rice Bowl from Brighton.


Prof. Gregory Bergnaum
Prof. Gregory Bergnaum

Solid pizza with a solid range of good toppings.

Amari Brakus Jr.
Amari Brakus Jr.

Absolutely amazing pizzas! You know that pizza you dream of, that you occasionally see on films set in italy? You can get those here.

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