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Shop 601-602, Level 6 Westfield Shopping Centre, Chatswood, Sydney 2067., Australia

🛍 Korean, Chinese, Asian, Meat, Chicken

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Soban Korean Cuisine, nestled in the heart of Shop 601-602, Level 6 Westfield Shopping Centre, Chatswood, Sydney 2067., Australia, is an sanctuary for food lovers. Our menu is a patchwork of delicious flavors, all carefully crafted to provide a dining experience that will leave a lasting impression. Looking for a place to satisfy your appetite? Soban Korean Cuisine presents an extensive menu with a wide range of yummy dishes. Place your order for delivery by calling +61294152028.



Dr. Mavis Roob
Dr. Mavis Roob

Stumbled upon this small Korea restaurant when shopping with parents in the Westfield Shopping Centre of Chatswood. Decided to give this place a go when we didn't want yumcha. Was pleasantly surprised by the efficient service of the waiters/waitresses to attend to us, and the delivery of the food as well. Ordered the very value worthy Teriyaki Chicken Bibimbap ($12ish) which was on the lunch special menu (seriously value for money!!!). Was throughly impressed by the overall taste (although I felt the chicken could have been a little more moist and less dry), and the rice. The flavours were there, and when mixed well in the stone pot, it was surprisingly very good. The miso soup that came along with it was also surprisingly good with a not too salty taste like a lot of other restaurants.  In large, this restaurant really impressed me and I would definitely line it on my Chatswood food places to recommend for my friends! :)

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Do you have any questions? Just call +61294152028. Order your lunch or dinner now at Soban Korean Cuisine, quick, easy, online! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared and delivered by the home delivery service of Soban Korean Cuisine from Chatswood.


Darrin Langosh
Darrin Langosh

The service was not great, but the good was excellent. I also liked that you have a comprehensive Asian menu for a group that may not ask for Korean foods. I had rib stew, the ginseng and dried dates. It was definitely one of the best I had in Sydney.

Mrs. Meredith Fisher III
Mrs. Meredith Fisher III

I used to go to Soban Chatswood and the old Hornsby site a lot. Since then since the things changed (Chatswood added Handon and Hornsby closed) The food was not the same. Some dishes on the menu are still okay, especially the salads that are really unique and dressed with reduced balsamico. The added Chinese Korean dishes are okay, but nothing, for which I would get the desire for.

Celine Gleichner
Celine Gleichner

I’ve been here a few times, actually probably a lot more than a few, and it was always for Korean-Chinese i.e. Chinese food for the Korean palate. It’s not the best but does a decent job and I do leave satisfied so guess not much to complain about. There really isn’t a lot of this cuisine around Chatswood so kind of gives them an upper hand. Classics like jajangmyun (black bean noodles) and jjambbong (spicy seafood noodle soup) are reliable and quick & easy eats.

Marcelino Paucek
Marcelino Paucek

Grief Service: I could not complain about the service. All employees were friendly enough and attentive. Grief Food: We ordered the seafood pancakes and the beef bulgogi set (also comes with rice and soup). The food was ok, everything tasted pretty good. All the food was lukewarm, which baffled us. The seafood pancakes arrived in 3 minutes, which was only efficiency, but it did not taste freshly cooked. The Bulgogi Set was also lukewarm. Everything would be better hot and fresh served !!! Grief Grief Price: The Korean side seemed pretty favorable. The Chinese side, however, wanted $ 25 for sweet and acidic pork. Passport !!! Grief Overall: Wound do not recommend and would not go back. Grief Grief Grief

Mrs. Dayna Little MD
Mrs. Dayna Little MD

I love eating here, the service is quick and friendly, and the staff are always fast at bringing out an extra bowl of rice if you need it.

Mr. Bernardo McDermott DDS
Mr. Bernardo McDermott DDS

I prefer the Korean menu here to the Chinese. I always have a soup and love them. The kimchi is delicious. Service is prompt and this is also a great place if you are on your own. $14 for a huge bowl of soup with 3 side dishes. I've even brought my Korean friend and she thinks it's great.

Prof. Wilfred Wiegand
Prof. Wilfred Wiegand

The food here is really tasty. And they actually listen and make it according to your preference (spicy & more sauce!). Go to dish here is Chilli Chicken, I've tried the stir fried pork, it's good but not as good as Madang. The Chilli Chicken is large enough for two people to share and be full. The black bean noodles were great too. It's usually not too busy so good for quiet dinners. Nice after movie dinner place!

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