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35 Ridge Street, North Sydney, Australia

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At Sandwich Solution, we believe that food is an experience, not just a meal. Located at 35 Ridge Street, North Sydney, Australia, our restaurant offers an unforgettable dining experience, complemented by a menu filled with flavorful dishes. Indulge in a variety of {tasty, delicious, yummy, appetizing, scrumptious delectable, savory, mouthwatering, palatable, luscious } options at this eatery known for its flavorful cuisine. Dial +61299566697 to order food for delivery and enjoy a satisfying meal at home.



Kevon Schiller
Kevon Schiller

There is a cool story that goes along with Wild Timor Coffee.

Full menu 8 options

Do you have any questions? Just call +61299566697. Order your lunch or dinner now at Sandwich Solution, quick, easy, online! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared and delivered by the home delivery service of Sandwich Solution from North Sydney.


Lafayette Bergnaum
Lafayette Bergnaum

I have three letters for you - N R SWild Timor is the first eatery I have seen to list some of their meals as NRS, meaning No Refined Sugar.

Adell Toy
Adell Toy

Delicious inspiring breakfast and lunch options I got the poached eggs on salad with Parmesan shavings.

Prof. Titus Abernathy MD
Prof. Titus Abernathy MD

embedded in the quiet residential area of north sydney is a small cafe/milk bar guided by a man and woman team. we often pass this ice cream on the way to the northside produce market. this time, on the way to the stanton library, we noticed their poster board outside advertising some classic early piece lovers. hungry and looking for something brunch, we decided to stop this time and check them.

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North Sydney

North Sydney


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Salon de The delivery

Salon de The

Level 2 / 225 Victoria Street Darlinghurst NSW 2011, Sydney, Australia

Having just come back from a trip to Vietnam and loving the food there I was looking forward to trying this new restaurant. Overall my experience was very mixed. When we tried to book we were told the restaurant was fully booked but there was a bar upstairs which served most of the food. I said we would try the bar but could we be put on a wait list in case someone cancelled. We were told yes definitely. When we arrived we thought it was worthwhile trying to see if they could fit us in. They had no trouble finding us a table despite not having called me to say there were cancellations. I do understand that putting people on a wait list is a hassle for a restaurant and understand if they don't want to do it but don't say they are going to and then not phone. I found the service somewhat erratic. It was at times overly familiar. The waiters touched my (male) friend on the shoulder and back a number of times which he found a little uncomfortable. But when it came to things like getting our water glasses refilled we had to try and grab someone rushing past. On the food front we had 3 dishes, one of which was good, one of which was OK but not great and one which was pretty bad. The sticky pork prawns and pancakes was definitely the best dish of the night. The pancakes were lovely and crispy and the pork had a good flavour. The only criticism is that the prawns in the salad had that soggy texture that indicates they were probably frozen rather than fresh. The Hanoi chicken was OK but nothing exciting. It was steamed chicken (slightly overcooked) served with some rice and 3 sauces. The sauces were put down with no explanation. When we managed to wave down a passing waiter to ask we were advised it was chilli, soy and ginger and the broth the chicken was cooked in. I love chilli but didn't really like the chilli sauce, it had a very strange flavour. The other 2 sauces were OK but again nothing spectacular. I've had the same dish done better numerous times at takeaway food courts so wouldn't order it again. The 3rd dish we had was the tea smoked quail. This came with what seemed to be a mayonnaise based source which wasn't what we were expecting based on the menu description. If it had in fact been smoked you couldn't tell from the flavour. The quail was unfortunately undercooked which made it quite hard to get off the bone to eat (I do understand there is a delicate line between under and overcooked quail but this was on the wrong side). The skin was also very soggy (we had been expecting it to be crisped up) which didn't help the dish. I definitely would not order this again. The restaurant was full, but as Sydneysiders just loves to flock to anywhere new it was hard to tell whether it was busy because the food is good and we were just unlucky with 2 of our choices or because it's just new. Based on the pork dish I'd be willing to give it one more try, but if on a return visit the other dishes aren't significantly better I wouldn't return after that.

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