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90-92 Payneham Rd, Stepney, Australia, STEPNEY

🛍 Pizza, Delivery services, Wine, Cheese, Fast Food

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At Subway, we blend refinement with comfort to create a dining experience like no other. Located in 90-92 Payneham Rd, Stepney, Australia, STEPNEY, we offer a vast array of mouthwatering meals that will please even the most discerning of taste buds. For a fiery meal delivered right to your place, all you gotta do is call +61882005663, +61883628699 and place your order.



Johanna Gerlach
Johanna Gerlach

- I'm not like that.

Full menu 8 options

Do you have any questions? Just call +61882005663. Order your lunch or dinner now at Subway, quick, easy, online! Whether for a company party, or your birthday, guaranteed freshly prepared and delivered by the home delivery service of Subway from STEPNEY.


Raul Fahey
Raul Fahey

beautiful ladies

Annetta Sawayn
Annetta Sawayn

great service, good food.

Freda Reichert
Freda Reichert

closes before the time!

Giovanny Pfeffer III
Giovanny Pfeffer III

Quick service and friendly staff

Trystan Huels Jr.
Trystan Huels Jr.

Not a good experience from the Monday night meal I had.

Prof. Jessy Green
Prof. Jessy Green

I had to order a footlong and I waited at the counter for like 15 mins and I just get an answer from the person in charge saying that it may not take time. The customer service was very poor. Other than that I have had one more experience saying that we are out of material such as bread and veggies so we can't take you order in. I mean Subway being such a great brand, I don't understand how is this quality gonna make them save their brand values. No customer service, no materials. It has been a very bad experience and if there would have been an option of a zero star, I would have opted for it.

Christa Brown
Christa Brown

I purchase my lunch at this Subway at least twice a week. There 's usually a 20%-ish chance that the drinks machine will not be working, and frankly the post-mix is half the reason I get lunch here. I 've been burnt too many times to get to the till only to find it 's not working, and honestly an out of order sign would go a long way to curbing my disappointment except one is never erected.Despite this, I will say that the staff are lovely; many know my regular order and they all do their best during busy periods.

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  • Fast Food
  • Sandwiches
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  • Takeaway
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Vegetarian Friendly
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